Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekend Sitewide Sale at Teacher's Notebook!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Are you a fan of the Super Bowl? Are you a fan of getting what you need for your classroom at lower prices? Well, the universes collide this weekend!


Teacher's Notebook is having its Super Bowl Sale right now! Everything in my store is 20% off, and with the code sb2015, you'll save an additional 10%. Just click on the link, the picture, or the button in the right column to go directly to my shop.

As I usually do, I'm extending the sale in my shop an extra day beyond the sitewide sale - still 20% off on Tuesday. So if you're too busy cheering and eating on Sunday and worn out from Groundhog festivities on Monday :), come back for a deal on Tuesday.

For those of you sweet enough to read through this sales pitch, thank you! Here are links to my Groundhog Day freebies. Enjoy!

Mr. Groundhog's Missing Shadow math riddles/ task cards

Grouchy Groundhog Blends Game

Happy Teaching!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You Knock My Socks Off!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I have a short and silly idea to share with you today.

Long before the arrival of the (now apparently discredited) athletic toe socks, there were Toe Socks of a different sort. Personally, the appeal of squishing my toes into individual little slots falls somewhere between the fun of teaching a two-year-old to put on gloves and the horror of being confined in a bent arm cast for six weeks. In other words, lemme outta here!!!

However, I did have a pair. Mine were much flashier than the ones above. The kids called them rainbow socks, but I thought of them as clown socks. No picture of them, but I'm sure you've got the idea.

I kept mine safely tucked away in a drawer ... my desk drawer at school. When a child  would do something truly amazing and I didn't want to make a star on his nose, instead  I'd very dramatically march to my desk, noisily pull the drawer open, and pull out those socks. All eyes would be on me, waiting for the announcement.

"Did you all hear the amazing thinking Ezra did? He made a connection between our experiment with vinegar and dancing raisins and the way forces push rockets away from the Earth. That kind of thinking knocks my socks off!"  Then I'd twirl those socks over my head like a cowgirl at the rodeo, and Ezra would grow a little taller in his own confidence and in the esteem of his classmates.

It's an easy-peasy and very memorable reward. But kids love silliness, and chances are good that if you're teaching K-2, you enjoy some good old silliness, too!

What silly thing do you do to recognize special achievements in your class?

Happy Teaching!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Groundhog Day Math Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I love Groundhog Day at school. It's just a fun, one-day deal, with no great push to cover related content. There are lots of fun ways to connect science (animals, shadows, seasons) and a growing number of extremely cute read-alouds. Plus, the word "predict" can be squeezed into conversation numerous times during the day, which never hurts, right? :)

Here's a fun freebie - the latest one at my TpT store!  Your students will be mini-math detectives as they evaluate numerical expressions. The goal of the elimination puzzle on each of the eight task cards is to use the clues to cross out three numbers. The remaining number shows where Mr. Groundhog's shadow is hidden.

Just click here or on the cover to get your copy!

If you and your students enjoy these riddles, you'll be happy to hear that I've been obsessing over making them lately.  Each of these sets has 24 task cards, a page for students to record their answers, and an answer key.  Here are the results of my obsession :

Did I exaggerate?  Not really. :)  Chances are there will be more to come, too.

Happy Teaching!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Penguins Read-the-Room Freebie

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Well, who knew? January 20th was Penguin Awareness Day. Had I been {aware} of that, I probably would have posted this yesterday! :)

If anybody's aware of penguins, I'm thinking it's probably our primary grade students. Have you noticed how many new resources have debuted just this year? I won't even try to list, but would love to direct you to a post by my friend Arlene at LMN Tree.  Arlene has a wonderful talent for researching great topical books, links and other resources. Here's her post about penguins!

I love to teach about penguins! My personal fascinations with them include ...

* They have huge dedication to their young ones even before they are born, as witnessed by the careful mom-to-dad foot-to-foot exchange of the egg.

* They are experts at walking on ice. I'm so jealous. If I'd made a walk-on appearance in March of the Penguins, it would have turned into a slapstick comedy. I am ridiculously bad at walking on ice.

* They are tricksters. Some people (even big people!) are sure that penguins are not birds. Also, penguins are tricky in that some people are convinced that they live with polar bears. There are some truly gifted clip artists out there who have not yet gotten this message. Spread the word.

* They slide across the ice on their bellies. I mean, how fun is that? What kiddo wouldn't want to imagine himself sliding alongside them? Plus, it's called tobogganing. Such a cool name.

Since there is already so much available online about penguins, I was kind of hard-pressed to come up with a new freebie. {Here are links to two "oldie but goodie" freebies, a 120 chart game called Penguins on Ice , and a board game that you can customize for your spelling words, word wall words, etc. - Slip Slidin' Spelldown.}

So, here's my latest humble contribution to the mountain of penguin resources out there. Your students will find word cards around your classroom and use them to complete a short reading passage about emperor penguins. Then they'll read the passage aloud with a friend to be sure the words make sense ... and along the way, get some extra practice with decoding and fluency. Click on the picture and enjoy!

I'm linking up this week at Teach Junkie's Teaching Idea Tuesday and Comprehension Connection's Thematic Thursday. Click on the buttons below to see lots more great ideas for teaching!

Happy Teaching!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

"February in First Grade" Linky Party

Hello, Teaching Friends!

January is flying by, so let's get ready for the super-busy month of February. Considering that it's the shortest month of the year, there sure are a lot of "extras" to squish into the teaching schedule! Each and every one of those extra events is interesting, fun, and educational in one way or another, but what a list! 

Starting off with the Super Bowl on the 1st, February holidays come at us like crazy with Groundhog Day, Dental Health Month, Black History Month, Valentines Day, 100th Day for many, Presidents Day, and Chinese New Year. Whew!

So, let's help each other out with a "February in First Grade" Linky Party!

Many thanks to Michelle at The 3AM Teacher  for the linky button background
and to Little Red's Schoolhouse for the sweet letters - love the texture details!

When we did a February Linky Party here last year, we had 98 link-ups. With all of the amazing new free and paid resources that are now available, I'm guessing we can top 100 this year. I want this to be a great resource for all of you!!

Just a few rules before you link up your lovable goodies:

1.  Any resources related to February teaching in first grade are welcome!

2.  Link as many free resources as you'd like. Please limit yourself to linking only one paid item and , please put a $ after the name of your paid resource.

3.  Please spread the news so we'll all increase our views! Share the button above on your blog, Pinterest, Facebook, faculty room wall :) ,etc.  Many thanks!!

Happy Teaching!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Valentines Day Math Puzzlers

Hello, Teaching Friends!

January 14th ... just one month until hearts and flowers, and, of course, chocolates! :) Oh, yes!

I've been having fun with the delightful Love Bugs clipart from Jenn at Teacher's Gumbo. Lots of you told me that your second graders enjoyed Pirate's Secret Treasure Numbers task cards, so I decided to use the cutie love bugs to create a new set of riddles for your second graders.

I love making these task cards, mostly because I love thinking about the faces of the little mathematicians as they figure out the answers to elimination puzzles like this one.

Get a closer look at these puzzlers by downloading the preview at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
There are four free cards included in the preview download!

Happy Teaching!

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