Sunday, April 20, 2014

Short A Freebie

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Here's a quick little freebie for short a words. Your kiddos will have fun finding and circling words, and also enjoy the built-in challenge of counting the words they circle. Enjoy!

Remember to stop by my Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers stores this weekend, where you'll find all of my Easter resources on sale for half price - stock up for next year!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

50% Off All Easter Resources This Weekend

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you one of those smart, shop ahead, got everything under control people? Well, then I've got a sale for you!

Fill up your basket with some new resources at half price so you'll be all ready next year when spring comes around. All of my Easter resources at both Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers are half price today and tomorrow!

Click to see and save!

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Have a wonderful Easter...

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Science Linky Party!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's time for a new linky party! First graders love learning about the world around them, so let's share our best ideas for teaching three of the most popular topics for spring science - plants, animals, and weather.

Please share your blogposts and freebies below. Paid resources are also welcome, but please mark them with a "$".

I'd appreciate the favor of pinning and mentioning the linky in your blogposts, Facebook, etc. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing.  Happy Teaching!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Addition Freebie, Plus a Giveaway You Won't Want to Miss!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

I want to give you the scoop on the HUGE giveaway happening over at Teacher Tam's Educational Adventure!

There are four packages being given away for PreK through 3rd grade. Each package includes over $50 in resources PLUS a $25 gift card for Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook. My Spring Riddles set is included in Package 3. Enter all four giveaways for your chance to win BIG! Just click on the image above to go directly there.

Also, here's a brand new spring addition freebie! Great for subitizing, it will also give your kindergarteners (pre-K's, too!) practice counting on or adding two to the numbers 1-6.

Just click on the picture to get it at Teachers Notebook! Enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Earth Day, a Giveaway, and Even a Spring Freebie!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Hope that you're enjoying a wonderful weekend! I was poking around in my garden today and found a few earthworms wiggling around. Spring!!!

Earth Day is on the horizon, so I decided to bundle together my three products for natural resources.
You'll now find these two...

... plus this Scoot/Read the Room set...

...bundled together.  Bought separately, they'd be $13.50.  In this bundle, they're $11.00.
Click on the cover to see it.
Did you know that I'm giving away three copies of my ELA Scoot Games at Teachers Notebook?
Click on the cover to enter to win this set of seven games.
And now for your spring freebie! Here's a 120 chart game for spring, with lots of practice counting up and back by tens and by ones. Click on the picture to collect your copy at Teaching Blog Roundup. Enjoy!
Thanks for reading and for stopping by today. Have a lovely week!
Happy Teaching!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Yo-Ho! Bring on the Pirate Games!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Isn't it amazing how adding a bit of extra fun with a theme can help kids stay on task longer? Whether it's dinosaurs or dump trucks, superheroes or silly faces, graphics simply add more fun to the "fun and games"! And, of course, the longer your students play, the greater the potential for learning!

Well, yo-ho! Your kiddos will love the theme of this game set- it's PIRATES!! While they have fun with the cute pirates, parrot, treasure map and more from KPM Doodles, they'll also be getting lots of practice with adding and subtracting multiples of ten.

Take a peek!

Here's a closer look at one of the activities. There are two versions of this game, one for partners and the other to be played by just one student. There are four sets of 24 cards each that can be used with each of these versions:

            Adding Ten
            Subtracting Ten
            Adding and Subtracting Multiples of Ten
            Adding and Subtracting Multiples of Ten, Commutative Property

So actually, that's eight game combinations just with "Tell Me, Pirate, Is It True?".


The set also includes these games: Walk the Plank (68 cards for adding and subtracting ten from two-digit numbers), Arrrr! The Seas Be Full of Pirates! (a 120 chart board game where students roll and add two dice, moving back 10 or ahead 20 based on their roll), and Shiver Me Timbers! It's Time for Plus Ten! (a four-in-a-row game for 1.NBT.5). There's also a Pirates' Treasure Hundred Chart for students who may need extra support.

You can get more details here at Teachers Notebook or here at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Here's a pirate freebie to give you a taste of what the other games are like!

With this pirate game, your students will have all the fun they always do when they play "I Have..., Who Has...?", PLUS they'll get some great practice with adding and subtracting multiples of ten, PLUS (and this is a BIG plus!) they'll get to TALK LIKE PIRATES! Yo- HO!!


Click on the cover now to get your free game!

Happy Teaching!

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