Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's a Back-to-School Linky Party!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Don't you love when your students come in all sparkly and shiny on the first day of school? They're sparkling on the inside and out! New sneakers, new haircuts, new backpacks ... they love to show us their back-to-school best, and we love to see it, too!

There are soooooo many amazing, creative, got-to-have-it resources out for the start of school this year, so I thought it would be fun to collect a bunch of them in one spot! Fun for buyers, and fun for resource creators, too ... this is the place to show off your back-to-school best!

                           Thanks to From the Pond for the adorable font and TeacherScrapbook for the cute kids graphic!

I'd love to see your best new year resources for kindergarten through second grade, both paid and free! Please indicate your priced items by placing a $ after the title. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Teaching!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Place Value Riddles for Three Digit Numbers ~ Free Sample!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I'd like to introduce you to my latest math resource, which has taken a totally ridiculous amount of time to complete, as in months and months! The reason for that is that it has changed focus and direction more times than I can count, and I'm not even going to try to explain that. What I finally settled on was this ...

While these are called place value riddles, and there's mention of hundreds, tens, and ones in each of the fifty riddles, they are really more about operations, mental math, and reasoning. These two cards will give you a pretty good idea of the types of clues and the difficulty range in this set.


Creating these riddles was fun, and using the Fun Fish graphics from Mel at Graphics From the Pond made it even more so! Are they the cutest or what ?

 Click here or on this pic to see more details at my TpT store!
Would you like to try a few samples from the set? Click on this cover and enjoy!

Are you looking for some great back-to-school tips and freebies? You might have already heard about the huge collection in the TpT Back to School Ebook for K-2 at TpT. Of course you'll want to download this amazing collection, and spend hours poking through all the treasures in it.
For more freebies and tips, stop by Appletastic: Blossoming in Fifth Grade, where Shelly is graciously hosting two TpT authors each day this week - they've got some great goodies to share!

Freebie Fridays

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sale-ing Along for Back to School

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's Week #2 of Great Big Back to School sales!

This time it's at Teachers Notebook, from today through Tuesday the 12th.  Everything in my shop will be 20% off, plus the 10% off that TN is giving to all sales site wide. Click here to go directly to my shop.

While you're there, download my Teacher's Notebook Followers' Newsletter, which is just a teeeeny bit different from the one at Teachers Pay Teachers (specifically, a few different freebies!), so head on over to take a look!

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bonus Goodies for the Back to School Sale!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I guess you don't really need me to tell you that the Back to School Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers is tomorrow and Tuesday. That news has been pretty thoroughly covered by blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, ...

If you're a regular here at Primary Inspiration, you know that for the past few big sales I've put together a little newsletter for you. Well, here's the latest edition!

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside...

I hope you'll head over to my TPT store to download your copy, because what you can't see here is the special thank you treat I've included for followers ... a card game set for your classroom  I'll never tell!  ;)

Everything in my store including already discounted bundles will be on sale! 28% off on Monday and Tuesday.

No code at TPT for Wednesday, but my store will still be 20% off.
I have a special place in my heart for procrastinators.
There's a reason my mom used to call me Last Minute Linda.

Enjoy the sale, remember to use that special code BTS14 at checkout to get your extra discount.

Happy Teaching!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

BBQ Blog Hop and Data Collection Goodies

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Welcome to the BBQ Blog Hop! We're sharing some goodies ... yummy recipes that kiddos will love, and classroom goodies for you! I hope and your kiddos you'll enjoy this summer recipe ... and the freebie, too! :)

 Recipe Disclaimer: There's no way to pretend that these are healthy. But they are definitely a barbeque tradition!

What's not to love about s'mores? Well, for one thing, a picnic-moved-indoors by rainy weather that keeps you from making your s'mores on the grill. That's what happened at our house a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, if you haven't played the dangerous game of roasting your marshmallows
on the kitchen stove, well... don't. First of all, they ignite like a torch in moments, which means black outside with a still cold and plain-old-marshmallow inside. Second, there's the likelihood that they'll plop 'n' drop their gooiness onto your burner ... not a pretty picture. Besides, once the kids see the marshmallows, they'll want to do their own toasting, which frankly I just can't handle watching kids do on a stove.

So that's when I started looking for alternatives. You know the talented font designers Kevin and Amanda ? Well, they also have some amazing recipes at their blog, like this one for Gooey S'mores Cookies.

Aren't they a wonder to behold? In addition to deliciousness, the draw for me here is that these cookies are make-aheads, so rain can't mess up your plans. I bet they'd also be a huge hit in your classroom, and especially cute and clever when you're using a camping theme.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Visit Kevin and Amanda's blog for the recipe. With their great photos and fun commentary, I can't even begin to do here for these cookies what K and A have done so perfectly!

Here's a way to combine your kiddos' interest in food with some math learning. These eight data collection activities about hamburger toppings, ice cream, summer drinks, places to eat, breakfast choices, and picnic foods are a lot of fun, and will be 20% off for the TPT sale from Monday through Wednesday!
Kids love data collection, don't they? Surveys and graphs are also great for building community, with your students finding out how different and how alike they actually are! Here's a graphing and writing set that has lots of surveys, too, and will also support your science teaching. Again (like everything else in my store!), 20% off Monday through Wednesday.

And, finally, the freebie! Here's an oldie but a goodie from my TPT store - the timing's perfect for using this one, with the new school year beginning. There are nine activities in the set, plus a cover to put them together as a class book when you're done.

Head on over to the next stop on the BBQ Blog Hop to see what Sebrina at Burke's Special Kids has cookin' on the BBQ today!

Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Wonderful New Friends from Vegas!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Okay, finally, part two, introducing you to two more lovely people I met at the TPT Conference! If you missed my post about Michele Luck and Bex Mawn, check back here.

Tami Steele and I found each other in a very crowded and extremely noisy room, and discovered that as teachers in the primary grades we have much in common! Tami is from Georgia and if you frequent the K-2 stores at TpT, her logo may be familiar to you. She's Kamp Kindergarten!

Stop by Tami's store to check out her free Kids at the Beach Subtraction Math Center.  It's a great example of the clothespin clip card activities for which she's become well-known. While you're there, take a look at Tami's Back to School Bonanza, which is packed with 15 K-1 school-themed math activities.

One of the very last people I met at the conference was the sweet Shawna Devoe, whose blog is The Picture Book Teacher's Edition .

Is she cute or what? :)  Actually, Shawna shared that she does all of her own artwork for her product covers ... take a look and be impressed!

As we stood on a long line together, we had a delightful conversation! Most of Shawna's resources center on reading skills and strategies, and they're connected to many of the books that you're probably using in your classroom. So helpful, and a wonderful way for our little readers to learn! If you read Leo Lionni's Swimmy, you'll want her free list of leveled questions to go along with it. Shawna also has a skills pack to go along with Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby, one of my holiday favorites.

I met so many other wonderful people that I'm almost afraid to list them, for fear of inadvertently leaving someone out.  Pam KranzDarlene AnneConnie CasserlyJenn Sykes, ... it was truly was a delight and an honor to have the chance to meet so many others who share a passion for teaching!

Thanks for indulging me as I think back on the Vegas conference. Next stop: the Jersey Bloggers Meet-Up tomorrow!!

Happy Teaching!

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